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The NEW BALANCE 576 25th Anniversary editions are two of the strongest shoes we’ve seen this year, and in order to do them justice, we sent them over to two of the most astute and educated NB collectors we know, who both own crates that put most, if not all of ours to shame.

Mac & 157 are personal friends of ours, who we met through the forum boards of Crooked Tongues many years ago. The lads know their onions, and if they don’t like something, they don’t have a problem with making it known, so it’s with great pleasure that we give you an insight into the dialogue between the two as they sat down together, to take a closer look at both colourways.

Mac: Right , here are the boxes, got the M576SGA Greys and the NGA Navys.

157: So the same listing as last time… nice looking boxes.

Mac: Yeah, boxes look good, little bit more rigid card than the originals but the boxes are an improvement on the last ones, and you get a canvas boot bag too, nice touch.

157: It’s a Grandmaster Flash Shower Cap.

Mac: OK, Ive got a few of my pairs of 576s here, lets compare these new ones to the last ‘vintage’ 576 from 5 years ago.

157: Those last ones were quite good retros, they look like an 80s running shoe, though I was never a fan of the faux ageing on the heel counter.

Mac: You look at the heel counter on the recent 990s, you don’t have to age shoes, we can do that ourselves, ha!

157: Exactly, make a shoe how it looked 25 years ago, not how it looks now from the archives.

Mac: I like the flatness of these 576s though.

157: Yeah, and the toe is fairly sharp, its not the bulky nose we see on a lot of shoes nowadays.

Mac: That’s a functional midsole too, with varying densities.

157: You can actually feel the different densities… the traditional 576 with the c-cap sole, you can’t feel the differences in the retro c-cap sole, all feels like the same density, whereas if you get the OG c-cap sole there’s definitely a different density in the different coloured sections. They don’t make em like that anymore.

Mac: It’s interesting how the price has gone up and yet the quality has at best stayed the same, but i suppose that’s increased labour and manufacturing costs for you… something’s got to give. Look at the US 998s. The mesh…

157: …and the midsole is about half a centimeter thicker on those, and they now paint the midsoles. Some of that is from changing the location for different stages of the manufacturing process.

Mac: Yeah, and the midsole doesn’t flair out anymore. I think we’re both in agreement that the best NB retro of recent years is the 1300JP.

157: Without a doubt. These new 576s do look slightly different to the 20th Anniversary editions, the suede is a bit more synthetic, the mesh is slightly shinier, the reptile effect is missing unfortunately, though that said, they’re a flat looking shoe, not as bulky in the toe as I anticipated. The sole is almost concave too, which is lovely to see. In terms of shape, I’m pleasantly surprised, they’re a lot better than expected from seeing the initial sample pics.

Mac: The shape does look real good.

157: I’d happily wear them, and i don’t say that about much these days. Don’t like the grey laces in the navy though.

Mac: Really? I prefer the grey to the navy. Sets them off.

157: …and I think all New Balance shoes should be grey. How they should be, grey and boring, but that’s just me.

Mac: Worth the money, in todays world…? Yes.

157: Yeah, they are worth the coin. A pair of Air Max retros are only a few quid cheaper, and these 576’s are a much better quality shoe.

Mac: I think New Balance are doing a fair job at making shoes to the standards of old. They try very hard, put the effort in, and get some pretty decent end results, considering.

157: Yeah, although for me, I wish the people responsible for reissues, would see how the finer details are important to certain people, little changes can make all the difference, for better and for worse.

Mac: Yeah, agreed. But we can’t have it all, right. All in all, these are good and they get my vote.

157: True, mine too.

The NEW BALANCE 576 25th Anniversary editions make it through with a vote of confidence from the lads, and we really appreciate their input, as we hope you do too. Although they’ve been out for a while, both colourways are still available with a select few spots, and the confirmed list of UK Stockists for the Navy can be found by clicking here, and the Greys, here.










By Mac and 157

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