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StockX: A Guide to Buying on the Marketplace That’s Changed The Game


There’s no denying that STOCKX has completely changed the game when it comes to buying and reselling premium footwear, streetwear and accessories. With their US base having successfully launched in Europe, copping your most-wanted grails just got a whole lot easier. Welcome to our exclusive guide to shopping at StockX…

Josh Luber launched StockX in 2016 with a clear aim to revolutionise the secondary market for desirable footwear and apparel. The first incarnation of the business, Campless, set the foundations for what’s become a unparalleled success, with both the US and European headquarters of StockX operating 24/7 across the globe, showcasing some of the most exclusive and desirable items ever released. Taking hold of the resell market and forming it into a legitimate industry is no mean feat. StockX has brought a new level of clarity and professionalism to buying and selling sneakers, apparel, handbags and watches.

Buying and selling is the site’s main purpose, but this is no ordinary marketplace. The ability to follow the ever-changing values of the listed items allows buyers and sellers alike to stay well informed and reach an agreement where both parties are happy. A list of the most recent transactions sits alongside aggregated average prices for every item listed on the market, making StockX the go-to location for accurate valuations. There’s no longer any reason to use traditional auction websites: StockX has carbonated and then shaken the entire secondary marketplace.

Once you find an item that you’re interested in, you can either buy it immediately for the current lowest asking price or submit a bid and wait for one of the many sellers with the same item to accept the offer. You’ll only be charged if and when your bid is accepted by the seller. After your purchase is confirmed, the seller has two business days to ship your item out for professional authentication. Once the item arrives at StockX, it’s given a green tag of authenticity and shipped out. To ensure customer satisfaction from start to finish, the status of the order can be tracked online.

StockX: A Guide to Buying and Selling on the Marketplace That's Changed The Game

StockX: A Guide to Buying and Selling on the Marketplace That's Changed The Game

With this unique and proactive stance to buying resold items, it’s no surprise to see the range of offerings on the site steadily increasing and diversifying: footwear now sits alongside apparel, handbags and watches, broadening the site’s appeal even further. Quality control is maintained at peak levels, with only the best brands and products making their way to the virtual shelves. Expect to see brands like Supreme, Bape and Palace sitting alongside G-Shock and Rolex timepieces with handbags from the likes of Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Chanel solidifying the premium nature of the business.

In a short period of time, StockX has already proven itself to be the best place to shop for premium items within the resell market. Whether you’re a serious footwear collector, a superlative Supreme specialist, or simply a newcomer who wants to upgrade their wardrobe, STOCKX is the only destination to visit. Click the banner below to check out the full selection of items currently on offer.

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