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KangaROOS Brand

KangaROOS is a footwear brand known for its unique and functional design features. As a result of its running shoes and sneakers with signature pockets, the brand gained popularity in the 1980s.
Featuring lightweight materials, memory foam insoles, and sock-like construction, KangaROOS continues to innovate on classic designs with new silhouettes.
Additionally, the brand offers a wide selection of colors, patterns, and materials.

DYNACOIL Technology

DYNACOIL shock absorption and energy recovery systems are included in KangaROOS Originals and Made in Germany models. During the Apollo missions, NASA developed the basic material and used it in astronaut boots to absorb shock.
DYNACOIL is a woven fabric made up of five coils of elasticated, interlocked nylon threads. In addition to being lightweight and extremely strong, it also returns to its original shape after each impact.
Polyurethane cushions the heel, which minimises shock to the ankle, knee, hip, spinal cord, and discs.

Sneaker Design

In addition to their practical design elements, KangaROOS sneakers have functional elements as well. The brand's most notable feature is the "KangaROOS Pocket," a small zippered pouch located on the tongue of the shoe. Pockets like this provide wearers with a convenient way to store items such as keys, coins, and other essentials.
KangaROOS sneakers generally include cushioned midsoles, padded collars, and durable outsoles in addition to the pocket. With designs that cater to a variety of preferences and needs, the brand offers a range of athletic and lifestyle sneakers.

The History Of KangaROOS

kangaroos vintage poster


Kangaroos is founded by American architect and runner Bob Gamm, with the brand's name inspired by Australia's iconic animal, the kangaroo.
kangaroos 1980 poster


With the KangaROOS 'COMBAT' sneaker model, the brand releases its first sneaker with a side pocket for keys or money.
As a result of runer Bill Rogers winning the Boston City Marathon wearing the 'COMBAT', the brand grows rapidly in the American sports market.
kangaroos coil r1


The "Kangaroos Coil-R1" is released, featuring a distinctive coil-shaped cushioning system for enhanced comfort and shock absorption.
Coil R1 sneakers were popular in the 80s because of their bold colour combinations, and they are now sought-after collector's items.
kangaroos skywalker


KangaROOS introduced the 'SKYWALKER' in 1983, entering the basketball sport and becoming the sneaker of desire in the 1980s thanks to NBA legend Clyde 'The Glide' Drexler.
kangaroos drexler


Kangaroos collaborates with professional basketball player Clyde Drexler, launching the "Kangaroos Drexler" basketball shoe model.
university of illinois


Within a 10,000-square-meter testing facility at the University of Illinois called KangaROOS Laboratory & Gymnasium, Gamm is able to develop sneakers for a variety of sports, including basketball, hockey, tennis, and more.
kangaroos dynacoil


KangaROOS works with NASA engineers to develop 'Dynacoil' technology, a 3D woven coil fabric technology now used on its sneakers.
An 'Invader' model with a suede upper and a grooved rubber sole is also released.
kangaroos rage


The "Kangaroos Rage" is introduced, known for its futuristic design and technological innovations in running footwear.
43einhalb store


Kangaroos collaborates with German sneaker retailer 43einhalb, releasing the "43einhalb x KangaROOS Coil-R1" in limited quantities.
kangaroos peanut butter coil r1


In a limited edition release of only 100 pairs, German-brand AFEW collaborates for the first time with KangaROOS on the Coil R1. It didn't take long for the 'Peanut Butter' to sell out.
Two more collaborations follow, in 2016 and 2018, on the Omnicoil II 'Jelly' and the Coil R1 'Mighty Forest'.
kangaroos voltera ultimate


The "KangaROOS Ultimate" is reissued, a classic silhouette from the 1980s that gains popularity among sneaker collectors and enthusiasts.

KangaROOS Today

Over the past few years, Kangaroos has continued to design sneakers that combine functionality with style. There have been new models and collaborations introduced by the brand that have gained popularity among sneaker enthusiasts and collectors. To create unique and limited-edition releases, KangaROOS often collaborates with renowned designers or brands.
Some famous collaborations include Jägermeister's first-ever sneaker collab on the KangaROOS Ultimate, Sneakerness' 'Green Bridges' Ultimate model, and Tommy Triggah and Morprime's team-up on 'The Inside Job' Racer Hybrid silhouette.
Furthermore, KangaROOS' sneaker offerings have been updated with new materials and technologies, as well as updated versions of classic designs. KangaROOS sneakers continue to be distinctive for their pocket feature, but the brand now offers a wide variety of styles to meet the needs of a broader audience. Some signature KangaROOS models include the Coil, the Invader and the Ultralight.
The brand continues to have a niche following and is well-known for its distinct and nostalgic appeal. As a result of its commitment to innovation and practicality, the brand has carved out a unique niche in the sneaker market.

Did you know?

KangaROOS introduced this functional pocket as one of their earliest sneaker designs. As a result, the Roos Pocket became a signature design element of their sneakers. While on the go, wearers can conveniently carry small items, such as keys, coins, or other small essentials, with this unique feature.

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