• END. Curated: Black Owned

  • August 26th, 2020
  • Clothing

END. Curated: Black Owned

The END. CURATED: BLACK OWNED selection shines the spotlight on some of the BAME community’s most desired designers…

As an ongoing commitment to the Black Lives Matters movement, the spotlight is behind shone on BAME designers in fashion and footwear, with northern retailer END. putting together their very own curation of products from Black, Asian and Minority-owned fashion business and designers. This selection boasts a cross-section of both everyday and high-end products from the likes of MARTINE ROSE, A COLD WALL, PATTA and SATTA. Check some of the highlights below and follow the banner to see more products.

The END. CURATED: BLACK OWNED selection is AVAILABLE NOW: follow the banner below to shop your favourite products today.