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The Drop Date's 2023 Black Friday Sale Guide gives a comprehensive overview of sneaker stores and brands with fantastic discounts during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday week. We update this page multiple times a day to keep you in the loop on all the exciting deals.

When is Black Friday 2023?

On Friday 24 November, the madness starts again, because it is time for Black Friday 2023!
The American tradition has also spread to other countries in recent years. This means that we can count on the best Black Friday deals of the year! Of course, it's not only about Black Friday itself - deals start from as early as 13 November and end during Cyber Monday on 27 November.

The Best Black Friday Sneaker Deals 2023

What exactly can you expect during this Black Friday madness? From Monday 13 November onwards, the first shops will start offering various discounts. They often have a new Black Friday offer every day. Think of discounts of up to 65%! But don’t wait too long to buy, because before you know it, the item you really want will already be sold out.

Black Friday Clothing Deals

We're keeping an eye on not just sneaker steals, but Black Friday Clothing Sales as well! If you're looking to update your wardrobe during the Black Friday weekend, then you can rest assured that we'll be bringing you the best Black Friday Clothes to choose from!
Think of Black Friday Clothing Deals from BSTNJD SportsadidasNike and SNS alongside many more!

Cyber Monday

Afraid you'll miss out on the Black Friday sales? Then rest assured, because many stores also participate in Cyber Monday, the extension of Black Friday, on 27 November.
Cyber Monday was created because of, among other things, the disputes that arose during Black Friday in the shops. Cyber Monday takes place entirely online. Online shopping has become enormously popular, which is reflected in the rapidly increasing number of web shops that participate in Cyber Monday. 

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the Friday after the American holiday of Thanksgiving and is entirely devoted to sales. There is some debate about Black Friday origins. The best-known theory focuses on the traditional parades with which Americans and Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving. In the 19th century, the biggest department stores decided to sponsor these parades by going all out. This, of course, included large and eye-catching advertising campaigns.
Of course, the other retailers could not stay behind, otherwise they would see many customers leave for those big department stores on that day. As a result, the retailers decided to go all out themselves with the necessary promotions and offers. This mutual competition never disappeared and Black Friday lives on.

Why is it called Black Friday?

There are various theories about how this tradition got the name 'Black Friday', but the best known one is that Black Friday stands for the first positive black figures of the year that the sellers achieve instead of the negative red figures. Another theory is that bus drivers would describe the heavy traffic clogging the streets the day after Thanksgiving, as people rushed to the sales, as 'Black Friday'.

The Concept of Black Friday

Black Friday is perhaps known as the most chaotic day in the shopping world. During this phenomenon, everything revolves around the best sale offers. Most shops open early on Black Friday, with some opening as early as 04:00, as large groups of people arise who want to be the first to hit the shops. Everyone wants to be there on time, because for most products on sale it's first come first serve. People literally fight for the best deals. During Black Friday, the craziest videos often appear, showing people pulling products out of other people's hands and searching for the right size among the messiest piles.
It is therefore not a bad thing that nowadays you can also benefit from this tradition online. The people who prefer to shop online are in luck. Black Friday is celebrated by many online shops. The same actions and offers, but without all the hassle that you would experience in the shops.
In fact, Black Friday is celebrated so much in America that in 24 of the 50 states it is considered an official day off. People make the most of this opportunity to buy the best Christmas gifts at the best prices.
Organising the Chaos

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