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Converse Brand

Since their introduction in the early 20th century, Converse sneakers have become iconic footwear. The timeless design, youth culture association, and versatile style of Converse have made them a beloved brand spanning generations.
Converse has become synonymous with various subcultures and movements, including rock 'n' roll, punk, and streetwear. A significant part of the brand's modern success can be attributed to its association with musicians, artists, and rebellious youth. Counterculture, self-expression, and individuality are often associated with Converse sneakers.

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Sneaker Design

Converse sneakers appeal to individuals of all ages, genders, and fashion sensibilities. As a result, they can be seamlessly transitioned between casual and formal settings, making them an ideal choice for a variety of occasions.

The History Of Converse

Converse office 1908


The Converse Rubber Shoe Company is founded by Marquis Mills Converse in Malden, Massachusetts, USA.
Converse basketball shoe 1917


The Converse All-Star basketball shoe was introduced, later becoming the iconic Converse Chuck Taylor All Star which was designed with the intention of improving a wearer's performance.
Converse All Star logo


The iconic Converse All Star logo, featuring the star in a circle, is introduced.
Converse Jack Purcell black


Converse releases the Jack Purcell signature shoe, named after the Canadian badminton player. The Jack Purcell design becomes known for its unique smile-like toe cap.
Converse Chuck Taylor All Star low-top white


The low-top version of the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star is introduced, expanding the range of options for consumers.
converse one star


The One Star releases, immediately becoming popular and making a name for the brand.
A variety of famous people begin to wear Converse sneakers, including sports stars, rock stars, skaters, surfers, and skateboarders.
converse pro leather


The Converse Pro Leather basketball shoe is released, gaining popularity as one of the first leather basketball shoes on the market.
Posters of Converse shoes worn during NBA games


Both the All Star Pro and Leather Pro are worn by legendary Basketball stars during games in the NBA, but Converse becomes less popular with athletes as Nike begins to take over the scene.
Air Max 90 with Converse All Star logo on the heel


Converse collaborates with fashion designer John Varvatos, resulting in a collection of premium and stylish Chuck Taylor All Stars.
However, the oldest sports shoe company has to shut its doors when it becomes bankrupt.
nike jordan and converse logos


A couple of years after the bankruptcy, Nike purchased the company for $309 million.
converse century project


Converse also celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Converse All Star by launching the "Century Project" collection, featuring collaborations with artists and designers.
 Black Converse Chuck II featuring Nike Lunarlon cushioning


The Chuck II is released, introducing modern updates such as Nike Lunarlon cushioning for enhanced comfort.

Converse Today

More than 750 million pairs of rubber-soled sneakers have been sold by the company in 144 countries. All their models are based on the original Converse All Stars.
A key factor in Converse sneakers' modern success has been their simple and classic design, especially the Chuck Taylor All Star model. Over the years, their clean lines, rubber soles, and canvas upper have made them a go-to choice for individuals seeking a versatile and effortlessly cool shoe.
In addition to offering a variety of customization options, Converse allows consumers to personalize their sneakers. Customers can choose colours, patterns, and even add their own designs using platforms such as Converse's "Custom Chuck" program. By customizing Converse sneakers, you can express your individuality and self-expression, making them a canvas for your personal style expression.
Converse has worked with several brands and designers over the years including Comme Des Garçons, Dior, Keith Haring, Pop Trading, Golf Le Fleur and Carhartt, and continue to build an impressive catalogue of collaborations today.
As a result of Converse's adaptability and enduring style, they have enjoyed a great deal of success.

Did you know?

In 1917, Converse introduced the "All Star" basketball shoe, but it was a few years later that the famous basketball player Charles "Chuck" Taylor joined the Converse sales team and made significant contributions to the design and marketing of the shoes.
Converse added Chuck Taylor's name to the ankle patch of the sneakers, creating the now-famous "Chuck Taylor All Star" line. Chuck Taylor's involvement didn't stop there.

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