Combining British engineering with German styling, THE GOOD WILL OUT team from Cologne showcase their debut collaboration with NEW BALANCE on the iconic 577 silhouette. Drawing inspiration from the German motorway system, the Autobahns (Renowned for having no speed limit) TGWO provide us with a Day and a Night model in their AUTOBAHN PACK.

The day model, featuring a deep asphaltly grey suede on the upper uses the blue and white of the road signs to provide the directional accents on the shoe. Authorised by the German Driving License on the insole, the 3M N on the side is sure to also aid in any late night journeys in this vehicle too.

The night model, uses a stronger tarmaccy charcoal on the gradient leather as opposed to the softer lighter suede on the day. Along with the blur of headlights going along both sides of the road, one heel features a break light red and the other a xenon white.

Both models feature the autobahn logo on one tongue, with New Balance’s infamous model number and “Made in England” on the other. We’re really impressed with the sheer quality both of these; even the box is executed perfectly. So get out your A-Z’s, take your sherbet lemons out of the glove box, sit back and get ready for the NEW BALANCE X THE GOOD WILL OUT 577 AUTOBAHN PACK, dropping this Saturday 2.11.13 at 00:00hrs via the link-through below.





By @lukematthews_