The ADIDAS ZX TRAIL MID adds another masterpiece to this season’s collection from our friends with the three stripes. We’re gradually watching the damp seep in through our socks, so these high tops are the perfect answer for all cold and miserable feet.

Taking a heavy slice of inspiration from the ZX500, these have been heavily dipped in the deluxe elixir, surfacing with a rich suede and nylon mesh in both the Wheat and Dark Petrol colourways. The PrimaLoft® interior section takes care of any comfort concerns and eliminates outside moisture, whilst the beefed-up sole tread should provide enough traction to deal with anything.

As with all of these releases, it often comes down to aesthetics – and that’s where the Trail more than holds its own. The petrol blue is offset with red and white detailing that finishes the shoe off perfectly.

The ADIDAS ZX TRAIL MID in both the WHEAT and the DARK PETROL colourways is available now and can be picked up via the link-through below.







By @chrisaylen