When we first caught sight of the ADIDAS ORIGINALS TORSION INTEGRAL S in the list of forthcoming treats, we wondered what to expect. A long-lost favourite from the early ’90s, this model is highly regarded by all fans of classic runners. We hoped it would be a true-to-the-blueprint retro – and we were delighted to see that the craftsmen at adidas did their job to the usual high standards. The shape is flawless and the colourways just enhanced the shoe’s appeal. It’s no wonder that we’ve seen these all over the web since they launched in mid-November.

But what do they feel like? Stick an original pair on your feet and you’ll feel how light they are – and these reissues are even better. You’ve got a seriously lightweight piece of footwear, but with enough substance to feel supported in all the right places. It’s packed with classic adidas technology – Torsion Bar, Ghilly lacing system – so you know what to expect in terms of performance. You could go running in these, but they’re way too nice to be considered a pure performance shoe: these turn heads, with good reason.

Out of the colourways we’ve seen so far, we’re really feeling this rendition, which really looks good on a dull winter’s day. With the exception of the white midsole, all white sections of the shoe are bordered with luscious black and purple suede and the teal blue accents set the whole package off to great effect. The classic yellow Torsion lace tab is the perfect sign-off. You’ll not go wrong with these, so make sure you invest in one of our favourite retros this year.

The ADIDAS ORIGINALS TORSION INTEGRAL S OG is available now via the link-through below.












By @chrisaylen