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adidas are really killing it at the moment when it comes to one-to-one reissues of archive classics; they’re paying a lot of attention to detail and taking all the painstaking steps necessary in order to reproduce some of their best-loved models. The ADIDAS ORIGINALS HAMBURG continues that pattern.

Starting life as an early ‘80s training shoe, it wasn’t long before the appeal of the simple pigskin suede upper and grooved, translucent sole made its way onto the street, into pubs and through stadium turnstiles. The Hamburg has that true terrace provenance that makes it so emblematic of 1980s casual subculture, and yet its return in 2014 amongst more technologically advanced footwear is just as welcome. This reissue comes in two parts: the traditional navy suede upper with white leather stripes and heel tab or the more rascal ‘tribe yellow’ with blue suede detailing.

The Brand with the Three Stripes have put in the elbow work to make sure THE ADIDAS ORIGINALS HAMBURG comes back with the same quality and cut that gained it such favour in the first place and we’re looking forward to its return, with is scheduled to start dropping on SATURDAY 1.3.14 and will be available via the link-through below.


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By @Nicsman