• Mike Hill for Supreme – real skateboard tings.

  • March 22nd, 2017
  • Clothing

The new MIKE HILL FOR SUPREME collab collection brings back weirdo old-school skate graphics.

With an abundance of less obvious collaborations, it is easy to forget that Supreme is actually a skate brand. However, their latest collaborative collection with Alien Workshop co-founder Mike Hill is a major exception. Both Supreme and Alien Workshop are regarded as pioneers within their lanes for challenging the skateboard status quo; Supreme for filling a void of ‘nice clothes’ for skaters, and Alien Workshop for producing some of the most unique graphics and brand aesthetics of its era, far ahead of its time. The collection consists of four original Mike Hill dioramas in the form of four t-shirts and four skateboard decks.

The MIKE HILL FOR SUPREME collection is available exclusively from SUPREME and will go online at 11:00 AM GMT on THURSDAY 23 MARCH. You can shop the entire collection via the banner below.